Jiangsu Guoneng alloy Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2014, the registered capital of 108 million yuan, covers an area of nearly 40000 square meters, is a technology oriented science and technology enterprises. Company located in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou economic circle center, Jiangsu Province Yixing Xushe Industrial Park, away from Pudong International Airport and Hangzhou Airport, Nanjing airport were within 1 hour, from the Nanjing Hangzhou high-speed rail in 10 minutes by car, the transportation is convenient. The company has the domestic first-class production and testing equipment, is a collection research, development, production in one of the modern diversified enterprise. The main products are all kinds of amorphous alloy strip, non crystal high-frequency iron core and amorphous alloy derivatives, oil immersed, dry, American box, European style box and transformer, multi function emergency charging shelter. The founder, Mr. Dong Guojun to khanazir Baichuan mind Xiao Ying Quartet talent, establish a high quality, fine business, professional collocation reasonable management team, high level of professional management team, with high degree of cohesion, the courage to open up innovation and rich management experience. Company in accordance with the requirements of modern enterprise system, developed a complete set of management system......